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 "Ch. Miss Tetlee"

  We are a unique English Bulldog breeder where all our breeding English Bulldogs are champions. Our breeding program first and foremost is about English Bulldog health. Temperament is another thing of great importance. Our foundation female Ch. Miss Tetlee is a registered therapy dog and a great representative of the English Bulldog breed all around.


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"Ch. Popeye Ayala"

Conformation is the next thing we breed for; if our English Bulldogs are not to the standard, we would not be able to obtain championship titles. We offer stud service to approved bitches only. Occasionally we have English Bulldog puppies. Please check our nursery for upcoming and present litters.


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"Ranger & Friends"

Our past puppies are a favourite of ours and pictures are updated as they grow. Feel free to take a look at our testimonials from our previous litters. Our English Bulldog breeding program is not our living but is our passion for the breed.

English Bulldogs are known for their loyalty and legendary courage, they are very tolerant and patient with children and love the company of other dogs and animals. Bulldogs rarely complain or whine and only bark when there is really a reason. Upon owning a Bulldog you will quickly grow accustomed to his snoring, belching and passing gas. Many Bulldog owners find the breed’s snoring rather pleasing. The Bulldog easily adjusts to an apartment setting or to country living with area to roam. English Bulldogs do not require an abundant amount of exercise and are very content with short daily walks. If you are looking for an active breed that likes long walks or running and extended hours of playing ball this is not the breed for you. What a Bulldog loves is as much attention that you can provide. The Bulldog is a lover not a fighter, their stubbornness, strong will and attitudes give them their very own personalities. One thing for sure, they will make you laugh, give you multiple kisses and have all the time in the world to sit and listen to your ideas and problems.


A little advice:

 At Supreme Bulldogs we are totally dedicated to the English Bulldog breed. Our goal is to produce healthy, socialized companions for you and your family. Whether you choose to buy a Supreme Bulldog or a Bulldog elsewhere, please do you research to make sure this is the right breed for you. Most importantly thoroughly check out the breeder by asking for references and ask to talk with people who have purchased a Bulldog from them. Look at their website. Make sure the dam of the litter is there for viewing. The sire of the litter may not be present since they may have used a stud service, but they should be able to show you pictures and tell you about the breeder and history of the line (pedigree). Ask them why they used that particular stud; was it because it was easier or convenient or was he close by? A breeding should be planned well in advance and for reasons to better the breed. What clubs and organizations do they belong to? Ask about health guarantees and if for some reason you were no longer able to take care of your Bulldog, will the breeder take back the Bulldog and/or help re-home the Bulldog? Owning a Bulldog is a serious commitment and not a spur of the moment decision. We hope this information will assist you in choosing your Bulldog.





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