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This is our man! Popeye
Popeye was born November 25, 2005 and is a red English Bulldog. His sire is Rocky (Barragan) and his dam is Chicuela (Hernandez). Popeye was bred and born in Mexico and we imported him to Canada in January 2007; he was only 14 months old. He was flown here and we waited hours for his arrival at Pearson International Airport. When he finally arrived I pulled him out of his crate and gave him a huge kiss like I knew him from birth. Popeye came to our house and adjusted very well and became best of friends with our Miss Tetlee. Popeye obtained his Canadian championship in just a few weekends and got group placements at the Canadian Nationals as an open dog in March 2007. He had his hips tested just after he arrived and was passed by the OFA at the University of Guelph. In 2007 Popeye was the #4 bulldog in Canada with very limited showing. He is in the ring here in Canada from time to time and soon will begin to show in the United States for an American title. As far as the bulldog's standard, Popeye is a true standard size bulldog hitting the scales at a lean 56 lbs.


english bulldog english bulldog