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Owning a Bully is like getting a tattoo, you just can’t stop at one! After our Matilda turned one, we realized our fur kid family was not complete and started the process again of looking for a reputable breeder. Through online research and the breeder book our veterinarian office keeps we found Supreme Bulldogs. We talked with a couple of other breeders, but we just didn’t get the comfortable vibe that we did with Vickie and Doug.
Vickie and Doug welcomed us into their home where we could see that their dogs are their family, not just pets. Even though we already had a Bully, they provided and reminded us of valuable information in regard to raising a Bully puppy. We were able to get a second visit in just before the puppies were born. It was so fantastic to be able to see Beanie pregnant in person!! It made us feel that much more part of the process.
Originally our Lemmy was to come home September 25, 2011. However our Matilda had just come home from a 2 week stay at the vets after having had her last knee surgery. Our vet suggested that if possible we give Matilda another week of recovery before bringing our new bundle of joy home. Vickie and Doug were very understanding and kept Lemmy for another week. They’ve shown great concern about Matilda even though she was not from one of their litters.
If you’re on this website right now looking for a Bully breeder, look no further, you’ve found the best one! Thanks Vickie and Doug for all that you have done for us and for the Bully breed!
Aren & Paul
Barrie, Ontario




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      After spending many months looking for a bulldog breeder, I had a chance encounter with a stranger on the street who was walking two beautiful bullies.  She recommended Supreme Bulldogs.  I'm  thankful  everyday for that chance encounter.

      Doug and Vickie have been fantastic.  Vickie kept us updated with  the mother's progress before the litter was born, and then  provided us multiple updates each week with the puppies progress.
     They were there to answer all of our questions no matter how small.  As first time bulldog owners, this was really appreciated.
     Our Griffin came to us with a great disposition.  Griffin is healthy and robust.  He is loved by not only us, but our friends and extended families.  They fight over who gets to look after him  when we go on vacation!
 Jeremy and Yung
      Toronto, ON






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If you're looking for the best english bulldog breeders around...look no further, Supreme Bulldogs is it!! Doug and Vickie are, without a doubt, the most dedicated, knowledgeable and kind-hearted breeders we encountered in our own search for the perfect bulldog. Their love of, and dedication to the breed was apparent to us from the time we were merely inquiring about their dogs. They invited us to their home to meet the "Bully Gang" and offered nothing but honest, helpful facts and tips about the breed. Between their helpful and friendly attitudes and their beautiful bulldogs, our final decision was pretty easy to make....and Lucie came home with us on October 1, 2011. She is now a star, not only among our friends and family, but also in our neighbourhood. Everywhere we go, people flock to her, and because she has the best temperament, she just soaks it up. She is such a sweet, smart, funny and social dog. We are so happy with our decision. Not only because of the wonderful dog we've added to our family, but because of the friendship that we developed with two of the best bulldog breeders out there. They are always there to answer our questions and even just to say hi and check in to see how everything is going. If you want a great bully from breeders who truly care, then we highly recommend you get your new wrinkly, slobbery friend from Supreme Bulldogs!!!


Thanks Doug and Vickie!!


Jason and Natalie, Sudbury, ON  



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 I got Kellie from Vickie and Doug at Supreme Bulldogs at 8 months of age and she is an angel. Extremely well tempered, clean bill of health, and my new best friend! She is well socialized, and extremely well mannered. Vickie and Doug were very kind and helpful though the entire process. They are very knowledgeable and show a genuine care about the breed, their dogs and their dogs’ future. They are particularly quick to respond to emails, very accommodating and supportive. It’s quite reassuring to know that this relationship with the breeders won’t end after the purchase. I will more than recommend anyone looking for a bullie to look no further than Supreme Bulldogs. I have gladly provided my email as well for anyone who has any questions!!! Thanks Vickie and Doug!!! You guys are awesome!


Ryan Hale

Ancaster, ON





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We found Supreme Bulldogs after a long search looking for just the right breeder. Our requirements were health, temperament and as Bulldog rookies lots of support.

Right from the start we knew we made the right connection, Doug and Vickie invited us into their home to meet them and to visit the "Bullie Gang" after that there was no decision to be made, we found the right "family" for us. We use the word family as this is how we were made to feel from pregnancy right through today we still stay in contact and always get the right amount of support for our "Little guy".
Hugo is turning out to be a prime example of what a Bullie should be, smart, affectionate, a face that you just gotta love! with a little stubbornness thrown in for good measure.
If you are planning a new addition who will be everything a Bullie should be then look no further as their name says it all.
Thanks Doug and Vickie,
Zach & Penny & Hugo


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After spending nearly 4 years searching for a bulldog with the perfect temperament and cute loveable wrinkly face, and a knowledgeable, helpful and friendly breeder we happened to stumble upon Supreme Bulldog’s website. Upon the very first communication it was apparent that Doug and Vickie were extremely friendly and open to assisting in all of our questions and concerns. Seeing little Calypso for the first time on their website we had already fallen in love and were desperate to come and meet him and see Doug and Vickie’s place. They were more than welcoming and invited us up immediately. After seeing what an amazingly social environment Calypso was bred in and how forthcoming Doug and Vickie were with answers to our questions and an insurmountable amount of support we knew that we had to purchase our perfect bully from them. Not only were the dogs treated very kindly, but it was obvious that they were part of the family.
Doug and Vickie continue to be quick to reply to our e-mails and phone calls; very much as concerned about our new pup as we were. They have been instrumental in helping us bring our baby home and ensure his well adjustment. We were welcomed from the beginning and truly look forward to continuing our relationship with the Supreme Bulldogs family.
Greg & Christal
Toronto, Ontario





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 "I spent over a year and a half travelling all across Ontario looking for the perfect bulldog and perfect breeder. And although I met a lot of nice people and some great bullies nothing was quite perfect. As fate would have it I just happened to run into Doug and Vickie of Supreme walking Popeye and Beanie down the street. It was love at first site. I had finally found the perfect bulldog. 6 months later the time finally came to pick up my adorable new puppy, Oscar. He is everything I ever imagined my perfect bulldog puppy to be, handsome, healthy, loving, and full of beans. Not to mention very well tempered. He is starting to look exactly like his big dad as he starts to grow. My experience, and communication throughout the whole process with Supreme was extraordinary. They were always quick to help and respond with any questions or concerns I had with extremely detailed replies. I look forward to a life long relationship with Supreme as I know they love Oscar almost as much as I do! I would never go anywhere else for an English Bulldog!"

All the Best,

Chris Ritchie


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 Supreme Bulldogs is an excellent breeder.   They are very knowledgeable about the breed, very helpful and always available to answer any questions, even after we took our puppy home.  Supreme Bulldogs is always there for us and our pup and we couldn't have asked for a better breeder.

Thank you
Teresa and Peter
Toronto, Ontario


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                                                                                       We welcomed Marley into our home during August 2008. Marley has been a loving member in our family's lives ever since. He gets along perfect with the little ones in the family and is often found chasing or following them around. In the public Marley is a work in progress on the leash because of his curiosity, but he is always on his best behaviour. We are constantly approached because the little guy is just so cute. He is the ultimate fun loving companion. We've had countless questions by friends and family about where we got him because of his temperament and good nature. We strongly recommend Doug Ash & Vickie StJules

Julie & Christian

Georgetown, Ontario



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We purchased our Izzy from Doug and Vicky at Supreme Bulldogs and are extremely happy with our choice.  Doug and Vicky are both very personable and seem to care very much about their bullies.  Izzy was a very happy, healthy, sociable puppy that was almost trained when we brought her home.  Her temperament is wonderful, full of beans yet very affectionate. Doug and Vicky are always available if need be, and even offered to babysit if necessary. Oh and Izzy is also gorgeous!

Randy and Wendy

Oshawa, Ontario


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I began my search for the perfect English Bulldog quite some time ago. It had been a long fruitless task with many disappointments with both dogs and breeders. However from the first minute I contacted Doug and Vickie at Supreme Bulldogs, I knew I was onto something good. What I wanted was really simple, I expected the most perfect Bulldog, the best service, and a risk and worry free purchase. Out of every breeder I contacted, there were none on par with what Supreme Bulldogs offers.

My Bullie's name is Shampoo, he is my best friend, he spends his days with me at the salon where he loves a wide variety of people from children(his favourites) to our most senior guest. On his birthday he received about 100 cards and over 60 presents from our clients here at the salon. It is something to say when AN ENTIRE TOWN treats one dog like a celebrity, to me this is proof that there is none other as exceptional as Supreme Bulldogs. I welcome any questions from any potential buyer,

Folks, take the plunge, purchase a Supreme Bulldog , YOU DESERVE IT.


 Blind River, Ontario



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 I've always wanted an English Bulldog. Supremebulls Brenda is one in a million ... healthy, confident, loving and beautiful in every way. Our family couldn't ask for more. Thank you Doug and Vickie for this wonderful girl. Your ongoing knowledge and support are second to none.




Dennis & Susan 

 King City, Ontario